FOM: rings vs. algebras

Kanovei kanovei at
Sun Mar 15 02:53:57 EST 1998

In the ongoing discussion around Boolean rings and 
algebras, something is embarrasing: it seems that 
the sides are not going to agree on concrete 
mathematical facts. 

It perhaps would be useful if someone among those 
thinking that BR and BA *are* isomorphic, PRESENTS 
a CONCRETE, well defined isomorphism 

(well defined in terms of ordinary algebra, not using 
special categorical notions which many do not understand 
and look at as a kind of generalized habbracadabbra, 
that is, an isomorphism should be a map, for which the 
domain, the range, and the action of the map itself, 
must be well defined), 

together with some clear arguments WHY the thing 
presented is called an isomorphism despite the 
signatures are different. 

Hopefully this should not require long space.

Vladimir Kanovei

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