FOM: Friedman's independence results, an epochal f.o.m. advance

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Sat Mar 14 23:33:04 EST 1998

Torkel Franzen writes:
 > my little piece may perhaps serve as a reminder that the best way
 > to make people aware that an epochal advance has been made is not
 > to underline that it is an epochal advance, but to patiently
 > present and explain the work in such a way as to allow those
 > qualified to judge (although not necessarily experts in the field)
 > to arrive at this conclusion for themselves.

Thank you very much for that advice.  I'm so glad that you are finding
something of value on the FOM list.  I apologize for my carelessness
in not explaining everything to you immediately, and for using a
technical term that you were not able to find on the World Wide Web.
In the future I'll strive harder to meet your high standards.

(sarcasm intended)

-- Steve

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