FOM: listing foundational issues

Vaughan Pratt pratt at cs.Stanford.EDU
Mon Mar 9 19:50:52 EST 1998

From: Larry Stout
>As a categorist I would have said that the notion of morphism, of
>which function is a special case, is what is most fundamental.

This is absolutely correct.  My choice of object over morphism was
entirely political.  The moderator of the FOM list has categorically
rejected category theory as having any foundational content at all,
witness the recent heated message from him responding to Colin McLarty.

Even to get FOM to accept the real field (what every four-function
calculator aspires to) as basic is already putting a strain on the FOM
way of looking at mathematics (that's FOM as distinct from f.o.m.).

Vaughan Pratt

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