jk jkennedy at
Mon Mar 9 14:26:34 EST 1998

Apologies for the delay in responding. The theorem to which I refer is very
unfortunately not in print. I will post the location of it in the Nachlass
tomorrow, I do not have this information in my office. However, a much
later draft of the paper, called [Undecidable Diophantine Equations], was
published in volume 3 of the Oxford Collected Works.  (The title is
bracketed in volume 3.) I mean "later" not in the sense that the Oxford
paper has so many predecessors, but in the sense that the draft which
appears in the Oxford volume is expunged by Godel of much of the
philosophical material that appears in the version that I have cited.
Nevertheless, a somewhat similar discussion of absolute unsolvability
appears on page 175 of the O.U.P. volume.

Similarly, I think it is very unfortunate that only 2 drafts out of  7 or 8
could be published (also in vol. 3) of Godel's paper, "Is Mathematics a
Syntax of Language?" There is so much material in all of these drafts, and
they evolve in such a fascinating way from one to the next.  The picture
conveyed by the 2 drafts is a very partial one, in comparison.

Of course I do not mean to imply any criticism of the wonderful Oxford
University Press volumes. I only wish there were more of them!

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