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Mon Jul 27 10:45:15 EDT 1998

At 6:02 pm -0400 26/7/98, Stephen G Simpson wrote:

>I think we should really blame the problem on Heidegger and Derrida
>and the other deconstructionists, for writing so obscurely that they
>confuse everybody.  After all, philosophy is supposed to be a guide to
>life, so philosophers more than anyone else ought to write
>intelligibly ....

Huh? Many years ago I heard Tarski quote the following aphorism, which he
attributed to the famous Viennese wit, K Krause:

Philosophy is the abuse of terminology, invented for this very purpose.

(This certainly applies to some fashionable trends in modern philosophy.)

BTW, another pearl in the same series was:

Psychoanalysis is a disease that claims to be its own cure.

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