FOM: hostility toward f.o.m.

Dan Halpern halpcom at
Fri Jul 24 23:34:39 EDT 1998

There has certainly been a misunderstanding of what you said, Thomas,  but I
think the object of your dismay should be Steve Simpson and perhaps Neil
Tennant rather than Ove Petersen. Steve started the problem by his rather
disingenuous interpretation of your interesting point - namely,  that many
mathematicians believe "that logicians think that they (the logicians)
understand the meaning and purpose of mathematics better than other
mathematicians."  Neil propagated the problem by failing to notice Steve's

Let's face it - some of us logicians might be contributing to the hostility
of mathematicians on this score.  What do you think, Steve?

Dan Halpern
Facilities Engineer
Belmont, CA

At 05:37 PM 7/24/98 +0100, T. Forster wrote to Ove Petersen:
>I have said nothing whatever about Heidegger or Derrida
>and have not accused anybody of prattling endlessly on
>about anything. Please *read* my postings before
>complaining about them.   This complaint of yours is
>quite un-called for.
>       Thomas Forster

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