FOM: MSC abolishes Set Theory !!!

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Tue Jul 7 20:09:47 EDT 1998

Olivier Gerard 4 Jun 1998 07:58:35 +0200 writes:
 > The Mathematics Subject Classification is being revised. Math
 > Reviews and Zentralblatt will be moving to the revised system
 > beginning in 2000. The proposed revision can be found at

I am finding that the links from this URL to the subject
classifications are somehow broken.  Does anyone have a better URL?
For logic and foundations, it's better to go directly to

 > I presume that some of you will be keen to look up if every
 > aspects of modern FOM research is being adressed in this
 > revised classification.

Yes, an excellent idea.  I just had a look and was pleased to discover
that Reverse Mathematics is getting a number of its own:

  03B30  Foundations of classical theories (including reverse
           mathematics) [See also 03F35]

  03F35  Second- and higher-order arithmetic and fragments [See
           also 03B30]

Another change is that the major classification number for set theory,
04XX, is being abolished!  Actually, it is being merged into 03EXX,
the set theory subclassification of the logic and foundations

Set theorists, what do you think of this change?  Is set theory a
subject on its own, or is it really part of logic and foundations?

 > I think that a debate on the purpose and relevance of a
 > classification of mathematical subjects would be an appropriate
 > topic for this list.

Absolutely, I agree.  See also my little essay at

in which a hierarchical classification of subjects plays a crucial
role in defining what we mean by "foundations of mathematics".

Thank you, Olivier, for a very useful post.  I'm only sorry I didn't
follow up on it sooner.

-- Steve

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