FOM: 'platonism' again; also Tait

Charles Parsons parsons2 at
Thu Jan 29 10:08:14 EST 1998

Robert Black pointed out to me the following passage in Goedel's review of
Carnap's 1931 paper, which I had overlooked:

Eine viel wesentlichere Schwierigkeit liegt, wie der Verfasser ausführt, in
den sogenannten impredikativen Begriffsbildungen.

The formulation, in particular the use of the indicative, indicates that
Goedel is endorsing the view that impredicativity is a serious problem. So
the review is a little closer to the 1933 lecture than I acknowledged in my
posting of 27 January 09:39, and in that respect I wasn't quite fair to

A reminder: Bill Tait's paper "Truth and proof" was alluded to, without an
actual reference, in the remarks on realism in John Steel's posting of 15
January 13:23. I recommend it to the rest of you as well.

Charles Parsons

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