FOM: "Unreasonable effectiveness..."; CAT vs. SET

Solomon Feferman sf at Csli.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jan 29 17:19:28 EST 1998

1. My thanks to Robert Tragesser for reminding me of the Jack Schwartz
article, "The pernicious influence of mathematics on science."  My thanks
to Julio Gonzalez Cabillon for pointing me to the volume "Mathematics and
Science" edited by Ronald Mickens.  Clearly a lot of people have given the
Wigner article a lot of interesting thought, and it will take me a while
to absorb the contributions and see if it helps answer some of the
questions that have come up here relative to f.o.m.  Meanwhile I would
recommend to others to look at these same and related references so we can
get an informed discussion going. 

2. I would like to propose a one-week moratorium (voluntary) on the CAT
vs. SET controversy.  

Sol Feferman

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