FOM: What can X do for f.o.m.?

Solomon Feferman sf at Csli.Stanford.EDU
Sun Jan 25 20:08:26 EST 1998

I sent off my message on foundations [note the misspelling in the header]
of naive category theory before receiving my latest fom-digest with Steve
Simpson's two postings from yesterday (the 24th): on (1) guidelines for
postings and suggestions for limiting postings, and (2) suggestions for
discussion topics, both of which I heartily applaud.  The second indeed
seems to me to open a more liberal view of what constitutes appropriate
work and discussion in f.o.m. than I portrayed in my own posting.  I also
hope that the latter is viewed as a contribution in the spirit of Steve's
item 1 of (2), in the form of what can X do for f.o.m.?

Sol Feferman

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