FOM: Shipman, chess

Reuben Hersh rhersh at
Sun Jan 25 10:43:33 EST 1998

Dear Dr. Shipman,

On reflection, I have concluded that, as you thought, adding arithmetic
to the definition of math is not the answer to your criticism.

Rather, I think it is necessary to acknowledge the possibility of math-like
subjects such as chess.

Demarcating chess from math, I think, is best left to chess sharks like you.

So I would now say that reproducibility (consistency) and
high consensus serve to distinguish math and math-like subjects from other
humanistic studies.

I repeat, this is not to claim that this suggestion is anything like 
a complete or conclusive account of mathematics.

Again, I recommend the Nature of Mathematical Knowledge, Philip Kitcher,
as an impressive attack on that problem, from the naturalist or
empiricist point of view.

All the best,

Reuben Hersh

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