FOM: topics to be discussed in this forum

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Sat Jan 24 18:09:39 EST 1998

Here is a list of topics for future discussion here on the FOM list.
This list is far from exhaustive.  It may serve as a kind of agenda or
preview of what is to come.

1. What can technical work in mathematical logic contribute to
   f.o.m. research?  More specifically:

  a. What can model theory do for f.o.m.?

  b. What can proof theory do for f.o.m.?

  c. What can recursion theory do for f.o.m.?

  d. What can set theory do for f.o.m.?

2. What specifically can history of mathematics contribute to
   f.o.m. research?

3. What specifically can philosophy of mathematics contribute to
   f.o.m. research?

4. F.o.m. research programs suggested by Aristotle's critique of

5. Reverse mathematics.

6. Mathematical certainty and verification.

7. I'm happy to announce that Harvey Friedman is tentatively committed
   to writing critical reviews of publications related to f.o.m.:

  b. Macintyre's essay "The strength of weak systems".

  a. Feferman's essay "Does mathematics need new axioms?".

  c. Kreisel's obituary of G"odel.

  d. some papers by Floyd and others on Wittgenstein vs. G"odel.

  e. Maddy's forthcoming book on naturalism in philosophy of

8. Continuation of the brawl on general intellectual interest of
   f.o.m. (Harvey vs. Lou).

-- Steve

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