FOM: suggestion to limit postings; guidelines for postings

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Sat Jan 24 17:45:59 EST 1998

Dear FOM,

Recently there have been a very large number of postings on two
topics: (1) category theory, (2) Hersh's views.  I and at least some
other FOM subscribers have found this flood somewhat overwhelming.
May I make a small suggestion?  I suggest that, for the time being,
each of us limit ourselves to one posting per topic per day.  Many FOM
subscribers will appreciate this.

Guidelines for FOM postings: All postings are to consist of
single-spaced ASCII text.  Please proofread your postings carefully.
Please strive for high standards of clarity, scholarship, courtesy,
and thoughtfulness.

I am working up a list of topics for discussion on the FOM list.  This
list will be posted separately.

Best regards to all,
-- Steve Simpson
FOM moderator

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