FOM: Problem of FOM citation?

Robert Tragesser RTragesser at
Fri Jan 23 09:04:35 EST 1998

        In the past few days I've been
writing intensely on mathematical proof,
work that seems to me by far better than
anything I've done,  and this order of
magnitude increase is very directly
attributable to reading and in
some measure seriously thinking about
everything coming through on FOM.  I am
not worrying about quoting or summing what I 
think to be the view of a FOMer without
asking their permission.  And it seems
triply inappropriate to list names of
participating FOMers.  What is wanted
is some sufficiently strong and to FOMer's
way of acknowledging the impact of FOM.
        Perhaps others will be feeling
this problem.
                rbrt trgesser

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