FOM: Chess quibble

Harvey Friedman friedman at
Thu Jan 22 04:40:16 EST 1998

Shipman wrote 9:14AM 1/22/98:

>everyone with a
>rating equivalent to 1600 Elo points or higher; there are hundreds of
>thousands if not millions of such players worldwide

I think "millions" is wrong. This is just a silly quibble, but may
illustrate how easy it is to overestimate the masses when you (Shipman) are
at such a high level. By the way, I "retired" from correspondence chess
with a provisional rating of 2090 based on 11 wins and 1 draw. If I come
back to chess, it will in the role of a mathematical investigator.

>know it is on Harvey's list of things to do and he'll undoubtedly get
>to it within a few centuries

If I get to it, it will be in the next century. This is a beter estimate.

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