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>Subject: 5th WoLLIC'98 - 2nd Call
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>                        Second Call for Contributions
>        5th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation
>                              (WoLLIC'98)
>                           July 28-31, 1998
> !  TUTORIALS   >>     (Tutorial Day: July 28th)       <<   TUTORIALS !
>                       IME-USP, Sao Paulo, Brazil
>The "5th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation"
>the fifth version of a series of workshops which started in 1994 with the aim
>of fostering interdisciplinary research in pure and applied logic, will be
>in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from July 28th to 31st 1998.  Contributions are invited
>in the form of short papers (6 10pt pages or 1800 words) in all areas related
>to logic, language, information and computation, including: pure logical
>systems, proof theory, model theory, algebraic logic, type theory,
>category theory, constructive mathematics, lambda and combinatorial calculi,
>program logic and program semantics, logics and models of concurrency,
>logic and complexity theory, nonclassical logics, nonmonotonic logic,
>logic and language, discourse representation, logic and artificial
>intelligence, automated deduction, foundations of logic programming,
>logic and computation, and logic engineering.
>The 5th WoLLIC'98 has the scientific sponsorship of the Interest Group in
>Pure and Applied Logics (IGPL), the European Association for Logic, Language
>and Information (FoLLI), the Association for Symbolic Logic (ASL),
>the Sociedade Brasileira de Computacao (SBC), and the Sociedade Brasileira de
>Logica (SBL).
>There will be a number of guest speakers, including:
>Sergei Artemov (Moscow State Univ, Russia) (CONFIRMED),
>Sam Buss (Univ Calif San Diego, US) (CONFIRMED),
>Edmund Clarke (Carnegie-Mellon Univ, US) (CONFIRMED),
>Heinz Dieter Ebbinghaus (Universitaet Freiburg, Germany) (CONFIRMED),
>Michael Fourman (Edinburgh Univ, UK) (CONFIRMED),
>Ehud Hrushovski (Hebrew Univ Jerusalem, Israel) (*),
>Hans Kamp (Stuttgart Univ, Germany) (CONFIRMED),
>Phokion Kolaitis (Univ Calif Santa Cruz, US) (*),
>Valeria de Paiva (Birmingham Univ, UK) (CONFIRMED),
>Maarten de Rijke (Warwick Univ, UK) (CONFIRMED),
>Giovanni Sambin (Padoa Univ, Italy) (CONFIRMED).
>Papers (sent preferably in LaTeX format by e-mail to ** wollic at **,
>or in 5(five) copies to postal address) must be RECEIVED by APRIL 3rd, 1998 by
>one of the Co-Chairs of the Organising Committee. Papers must be written in
>English and give enough detail to allow the programme committee to assess the
>merits of the work.  Papers should start with a brief statement of the issues,
>a summary of the main results, and a statement of their significance and
>relevance to the workshop. References and comparisons with related work is
>expected. Technical development directed to the specialist should follow.
>Results must be unpublished and not submitted for publication elsewhere,
>including the proceedings of other symposia or workshops. One author of each
>accepted paper will be expected to attend the conference in order to present
>it. Authors will be notified of acceptance by MAY 15th, 1998. The abstracts of
>the papers will be published in a "Conference Report" section of the Logic
>Journal of the IGPL (ISSN 1367-0751) (Oxford Univ Press) as part of the
>report.  Papers presented at the meeting will be invited for submission (in
>full version) to the Logic Journal of the IGPL
>The WoLLIC'98 is hosted by Universidade de Sao Paulo (USP), and will take
>at the Mathematics and Statistics Institute (IME).
>Programme Committee:
>Andreas Blass (Michigan Univ, USA), Itala D'Ottaviano (Univ Campinas, BR),
>J. Michael Dunn (Indiana Univ, USA), Wilfrid Hodges (Queen Mary Coll, UK),
>Francisco Miraglia (Univ Sao Paulo, BR), Luiz Carlos Pereira (Cathol Univ Rio,
>BR), Andrew Pitts (Cambridge Univ, UK), Amir Pnueli (Weizmann Inst, Israel).
>Organising Committee:
>L. S. C. Baptista (UFPE/UFPB), M. Finger (USP), E. Hermann Haeusler (PUC-Rio),
>A. C. V. de Melo (USP), A. G. de Oliveira (UFBA/UFPE), R. de Queiroz (UFPE),
>F. C. da Silva (USP).
>For further information, contact the Co-Chairs of the Organising Committee:
>Ruy de Queiroz, Departamento de Informatica, Univ. Federal de Pernambuco,
>CP 7851, 50732-970 Recife, PE, Brazil, e-mail: ruy at,
>tel.: (+55 81) 271 8430, fax: (+55 81) 271 8438.
>Marcelo Finger, Departamento de Ciencia da Computacao, Instituto de
>Matematica e Estatistica, Universidade de Sao Paulo, Rua do Matao 1010,
>05508-900 Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil, e-mail: mfinger at,
>tel.: (+55 11) 818 6287, fax: (+55 11) 818 6134.
>Web page:

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