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Mon Jan 19 13:22:18 EST 1998

Dear Prof. Simpson:

In a message to FOM mailing list dated 98-01-17 16:16:59 EST  
you write:

< I have one question about Mattes: Is he familiar with the well-known,
<standard techniques of how all of mathematics (including analysis,
<algebra, topology, geometry, recursion theory, model theory, category
 <theory, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera) is formalizable in ZFC?
But in a message to QED mailing list dated 98-01-02  Prof. Trybulec writes:

<ZFC is not sufficient if one works with Varieties of Algebras or with

1. Would you please comment on the statement of Prof. Trybulec?

2. What are the best references which describe how to formalize (for instance)
algebra, recursion theory, model theory, category theory in ZFC?

Thank you very much.

Victor Makarov,
a Software Consultant at EMD Inc. (USA).
Research interests: practical formalization of mathematics. 

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