FOM: conventions on FOM/fom/f.o.m.

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Thu Jan 15 23:01:13 EST 1998

Martin Davis writes:
 > Note that I capitalized "FOM". It had been suggested that "fom"
 > should stand for this list and the capitalized version should just
 > be an abbreviation for the three words; I was adhering to that
 > convention.

In my posting of November 1, 1997, I proposed a different set of

  FOM = this mailing list (including both fom and fom-digest)

  fom at = the e-mail address for posting to FOM

  f.o.m. = abbreviation for "foundations of mathematics"

  foundations of mathematics = ?; this is under discussion

For the sake of clarity, could we all please try to adhere to these
conventions from now on?  But they are not to be regarded as an FOM
standard, and I will make no attempt to enforce them.

As a matter of fact, one person who has disregarded these conventions
is Harvey Friedman.  In his posting of December 14, Harvey said that
this was because he got tired of typing extra periods.  Harvey, I know
your fingers are delicate and can't take too much stress.  You
probably need to exercise them more.  Did you ever think of taking up
the piano? 

(Sorry everybody.  The above is an in-joke.  Harvey is extremely
accomplished in classical piano performance at the professional or
concert level, and he is especially noted for his powerful style.)

-- Steve Simpson
FOM moderator

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