FOM: Two axioms of set theory

Kazimir Majorinc kmajor at
Fri Jan 16 00:28:19 EST 1998

Dear colleagues,

Consider these two axioms for (naive) set theory:

    (1)  Weak Anti-Choice:
         One can not define or choose natural number greater
         than M with set theory axioms (except this two) or 
         without reference to M.

         "Tell me the number and I will tell you that it is smaller than M" 

    (2)  Strong Anti-CH:
         c = aleph_M 

M is new constant (like 0) natural number, described with axiom (1). 

I have two questions for more experienced colleagues:

    (1)  Which are the possible problems and consequences?
    (2)  Are these axioms (as pair) considered before in this or similar form?

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at same university; author of few works in mentioned branches and one 
book in logic. 
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