FOM: What is mathematics, really?, (fwd)

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Thu Jan 15 11:47:13 EST 1998

Reuben Hersh writes:
 > Professor Simpson explained his quotation from Rothstein's NY Times
 > misreview of my book by saying I had already referred to it in an
 > earlier posting.  In fact, the reference was Stephne Maurer's.  Maurer
 > suspected I might consider it  unfair, and asked for my reaction, which
 > I gave.   All this was posted before Simpson quoted Rothstein.

I don't think the FOM list has previously seen the Hersh/Maurer
correspondence.  I don't recall seeing it before today.  I searched
the FOM archives and didn't find it.

There is however Hersh's FOM posting of December 22, 1997:

 258.  [[ Reuben Hersh Dec 22 64/3349 "Re: FOM: What is mathematics,
  really?, Gen Intellectual Interest, Political Agendas"]]

which is on the web as

I think this was Hersh's first mention of Rothstein and postmodernism
on the FOM list.

-- Steve

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