FOM: What is f.o.m.?

Robert Tragesser RTragesser at
Tue Jan 13 19:25:56 EST 1998

Propose (once again) characterizing FoM so:
        Seeking a fruitful, central characterization of mathematics
by answering Sol Feferman's exceedingly important questions:
        What is distinctive about the verification structure
 of mathematics?
        What is distinctive about mathematical conceptions?
Exacting,  fruitful answers can be given.
Certainly one avoids "defining" _mathematics_;  and
rather than committing the kind of mistake first
marked out of Plato of characterizing
something by listing instances,  one can see why
and in exactly what sense what one is inclined to list
as mathematical entities are mathematical entities,
without at the same time closing the book on mathematics.

rbrt trgssr

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