FOM: Harvey's corrections to me

Colin Mclarty cxm7 at
Tue Jan 13 16:08:09 EST 1998

	Harvey has written in to complain of some things I posted 
(unfortunately I am on an old editor now which makes it hard to
quote his post and impossible to consult the archive). 

	He objected to my saying he had quoted an argument between
him and a philosopher as to whether Wittgenstein was a greater
philosopher than Frege, without saying which "argument" I meant. 
I should have been clearer that I was using "argument" in the 
non-technical sense of an exchange between two people, devoted to
a disagreement between them. He quoted only one such exchange, and 
that a fairly long one.

	Harvey correctly notes that he was concerned with the 
intellectual importance of the results, not the "greater 
philosopher", and that his opponent did the quoted name calling. 

	I think my description of the exchange is fair. But I am 
happy to correct any misimpression I may have given of blaming it 
all on Harvey.

Colin McLarty  

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