FOM: Re Riis' question

Solomon Feferman sf at Csli.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jan 13 02:39:44 EST 1998

So many interesting postings, so little time... . Let me pick up first
with the question raised by Soren Moller Riis, "What is the motivation
behind the Kreiselian school?" (01/05, 18:04), but only that part having
to do with Kreisel's version of Cohen's work on independence of CH. For a
more objective account, I suggest reading G.H.Moore, "The origins of
forcing" in *Logic Colloquium '86" (F. Drake and J. Truss, eds.) 143-173.
As to the main part of his question, Riis rightly points to psychological
explanations, at least for the leader of the school (such as it is) but I
fear these are beyond the purview of fom. 

--Sol Feferman

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