FOM: downloadable paper for comment

Neil Tennant neilt at
Mon Jan 5 14:19:43 EST 1998

I apologize to those who might have tried in vain to download a paper
on which I had sought comments from fom-ers.

This is just a brief note to let interested parties know that the
glitsch has now been fixed on my web-page, and that `Mathematics:
Intuition and Structure' is available in both .dvu and .ps versions
for downloading or viewing with the appropriate software. The URL is:

and the paper is listed as item #74.

I would still greatly appreciate critical comments---those received so
far have been most useful.

Neil Tennant

PS Following Steve's new protocol for self-introductions:

Position: Professor of Philosophy and Adjunct Professor in Cognitive
Institution: The Ohio State University
Research interests: Logic, foundations of mathematics, philosophy of
mathematics, philosophy of language, philosophy of biology,
evolutionary theories of human nature, history of logical empiricism
For more information:

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