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Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Mon Jan 5 13:25:58 EST 1998

Dear FOM,

The following FOM administrative guidelines replace those that were
included in my posting of Mon, 22 Dec 1997 20:48:34 -0500 (EST).

1. Harvey Friedman has agreed to turn over sole responsibility for
running the FOM list to me, Steve Simpson.

2. The FOM list has been and remains a closed, moderated list.  In the
terminology of Internet mailing lists, "moderated" (respectively
"closed") means that all postings (respectively subscriptions) have to
be screened and approved by the person running the list, i.e. myself.
Approval of a posting does not imply that I agree with the views

3. As moderator, I want to promulgate the following requirements or
standards for postings.

  a. Those who post to FOM are encouraged to identify themselves by
  name, profession, institutional affiliation, and research interest
  if appropriate.  (An example is below.)
  b. FOM postings should be highly relevant to issues and programs in
  foundations of mathematics.  There should be a strong emphasis on
  intellectual and scholarly standards.  Postings should be
  thoughtful, well-reasoned, lively, and provocative.  Controversy is
  to be expected, but we should avoid personal invective and other
  irrelevant discussions.
  c. As FOM moderator, I intend to enforce the above standards
  selectively, as my time permits.  I do not guarantee uniform
Best wishes for the new year,
-- Steve Simpson
FOM moderator

Name: Stephen G. Simpson
Position: Professor of Mathematics
Institution: Penn State University
Research interest: foundations of mathematics
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