FOM: New rules for postings

Jon Barwise barwise at
Thu Jan 1 13:14:05 EST 1998

I recently spent soem time exploring after an
article about it in the NY Times. It might be useful to have something
like that in the general area of logic, something that would include
FOM, or a version of it that reflects Sol's concerns after PNR? But it
could also have sections for research topics in various areas of pure
and applied logic.  Maybe it is a service that ASL could sponsor for its
members. The problem is it would take a logician devoting a fair amount
of time to it to make it work.  But it could make a big difference to
logic and to the ASL so it might be worth it. By having one or more ASL
"editors" whose job it was to run the thing, it would not be any one
person's personal view of the field, but have the same kind of standards
of universality that the ASL and BSL have, or strive to have.  But it
could maintain the level of informal, informed, but friendly
conversation that FOM has at its more shining moments.   Jon

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