FOM: total repudiation of McLarty

Colin McLarty cxm7 at
Wed Feb 25 15:26:52 EST 1998

Simpson writes:

>Speaking of "categorical foundations", Colin McLarty 20 Feb 1998
>13:10:15 writes:
> > The features it relies on are the focus of most practical work with
> > Abelian groups. So I claim it is "foundational" in just the sense
> > Steve Simpson has posted.
>Once again McLarty is inexplicably citing me in order to buttress his
>absurd claims about the alleged virtue of "categorical foundations".
>Isn't it clear by now that such citations are completely

        It has always been clear that Simpson and I disagree about
foundations of math. I cited him here to show that I do not disagree so much
with his definition of "foundations" as with his beliefs about which studies
meet the definition. It is important to distinguish defining a concept, from
deciding which cases meet the definition.


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