FOM: intuitionistic and classical arithmetic

Robert Tragesser RTragesser at
Fri Feb 13 03:27:07 EST 1998

        It would be good to see a discussion of David 
McClarty's proof of the categoricity of first order 
intuitionistic arithmetic.  That he buys this at the
cost of completeness for intuitionistic logic. . .this
is a price an intuitionist would be willing to pay (given tlogic 
is parasitic on mathematics),especially in the measure to which they are
convinced that
they have intuited the very essence of arithmetic (so that any
logical representation which fails of categoricity must be deficient). 
So we suggest: Markov's principle stands or falls in accordance with that
        Perhaps from this point of view profound differences
between classical and intuitionistic arithmetic could
be extracted???

rbrt tragesser

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