FOM: 'Logical parsimony' of intuitionistic mathematics

Neil Tennant neilt at
Tue Feb 10 10:56:38 EST 1998

By "logical parsimony" I meant simply that the deducibility relation of
the system in question was a sub-relation of the classical deducibility
relation. That's all!  Torkel is no doubt right about more *distinctions*
being available within a parsimonious system in this sense.
My parsimonious grandmother used to make all sorts of careful distinctions
between brown paper bags, and used Christmass wrappings, and rubber bands.
Each could serve very specific purposes when "recycled". To my brother, sister
and me, these things were all equivalent---they were useless junk, and belonged
all together, or not at all, in the trash can or the "everything drawer" in
the kitchen.
So I'm talking parsominy (sorry: parsimony) in Grannie's sense.

Neil Tennant

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