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John Mayberry J.P.Mayberry at
Fri Aug 28 09:40:07 EDT 1998

Just a brief footnote to Olivier Souan's very interesting posting on 
Heidegger. He mentions Jacob Klein's "beautiful" book "Greek 
Mathematical Thought and the Origin of Algebra". (The adjective is 
fully justified, in my view.) I met Klein in 1976 and spent the better 
part of a day talking to him. He told me that he had been inspired to 
take up the research that led to that book by attending Heidegger's 
lectures on Aristotle. He also told me that Heidegger's style in 
lecturing was quite different from that found in his books. According 
to Klein he was very clear, very scrupulous, and very careful about 
getting his translations exactly right. Klein was clearly very 
impressed by him. 

John Mayberry
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