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Adrian Mathias amathias at
Mon Aug 24 15:18:43 EDT 1998

Just to keep the pot boiling whilst I consider my reply to 
Segal's review of my Bourbaki piece, 
(of which a subscriber to FOM has kindly sent me the text but not 
the date of its appearance in the Zentralblatt),   
here is an excerpt from Quine's reminiscences: 

   A Logic Colloquium was afoot in the Ecole Normale Sup\'erieure. [...]
   Dieudonn\'e was there, a harsh reminder of the smug and uninformed
   disdain of mathematical logic that once prevailed in the rank and
   vile, one is tempted to say, of the mathematical fraternity.  His
   ever hostile interventions were directed at no detail of the 
   discussion, which he scorned, but against the enterprise as such.
   At length one of the Frenchmen asked why he had come. He replied
   {\lq}{\it J'\'etais invit\'e.}' 

A. R. D. M. 

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