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Thu Sep 25 09:28:37 EDT 1997

Dear Harvey, 

Thanks for another provocative e-mail.  Your comment about
mathematical standards versus general intellectual or scientific
standards (I'm not quite happy with your word `intrinsic', because it
seems to imply a mystical overtone) is excellent and goes close to the
heart of the matter.  I'm especially curious as to whether and how
people like Angus will respond.  In any case, let's get a discussion

A few months back, I had an e-mail exchange with Dave Marker about
issues close to this one.  With Dave's permission, I could show it to
this group.  Dave, what do you say?

I have a foundations of mathematics web page, at

and there is a short essay there entitled `What is Foundations of
Mathematics?'  Obviously it's is a pretty amateurish effort, but I
think it makes some valid points and could be a starting point for
serious discussion.

Soon to appear on the web page: information about my forthcoming book
on subsystems of second order arithmetic and reverse mathematics.

Best regards,
-- Steve

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