FOM: a message from the moderator

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Sun Oct 26 18:22:52 EST 1997

Dear FOM participants:

I just got back from a few days out of town attending an AMS meeting
in Milwaukee.  Catching up with recent FOM activity, I note that many
thoughtful messages have been posted, and many fascinating issues are
on the table.  The FOM list is a huge success!

While in Milwaukee I received face-to-face feedback from numerous FOM
participants.  Large numbers of you are reading the FOM postings with
great interest.  However:

1. As a couple of people noted, the volume of FOM traffic is getting
rather large.  To ease this burden, I'm thinking of possibly changing
the format, so that each day's postings would be sent out in the form
of one daily e-mail, called a digest.  Obviously this move would have
both advantages and disadvantages.  Please send your suggestions on
this or any other FOM administrative matter to me privately at

    simpson at

to avoid overloading the FOM list.

2. Several people complained of difficulty in retrieving FOM archives.
I have now responded by linking the FOM archive directory to my
Foundations of Mathematics web page at

Thus the FOM information and archive files are now downloadable via
your favorite web browser.  Unfortunately, I don't know of any easy
way to create links for individual FOM postings.

Also in Milwaukee I ran into Dave Marker.  I accepted Dave's apology
and I'm happy to note that Dave and I are still good friends and have
a lot of respect for each other.

Best regards to all,
-- Steve Simpson

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