FOM: current subscriber base

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Sun Oct 12 12:28:15 EDT 1997

Dear FOM subscribers,

Which of you will be the first to make some comment on FOM
(insightful, or provocative, or both) relating to foundations of
mathematics?  Don't be shy!  Send your comment to

       fom at

For your information, here is a list of the current subscribers:

  John Baldwin, Jon Barwise, John Burgess, Harvey Friedman, Sy
  Friedman, Ron Graham, Leo Harrington, Ward Henson, Greg Hjorth,
  William Howard, Aki Kanamori, Simon Kochen, Angus Macintyre,
  Penelope Maddy, David Marker, Donald Martin, Josef Mattes, Barry
  Mazur, Chris Miller, Anand Pillay, Hilary Putnam, Jeffrey Remmel,
  Paul Sally, Wilfrid Schmid, Wilfried Sieg, Jack Silver, Stephen
  Simpson, Charles Steinhorn, Neil Tennant, Lou van den Dries, Gill
  Williamson, Carol Wood

Obviously this is a very distinguished group.

By the way, if any of you have any administrative questions about the
FOM list, please let me know.

-- Steve Simpson
simpson at

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