FOM: FOM is now available in digest format

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Tue Nov 18 06:16:39 EST 1997

FOM is now available in digest format.  In effect there is now a new
mailing list, fom-digest, which is intended to complement but not
replace the fom list.  Fom-digest subscribers will receive the same
messages as fom subscribers.  The only difference is that fom-digest
subscribers will not receive each message individually in real time.
Instead, fom-digest subscribers will periodically receive groups of
messages clumped together.

To subscribe to fom-digest, send "subscribe" (without quotation marks)

      fom-digest-request at

At the same time, you may also want to unsubscribe from fom, in which
case you should send "unsubscribe" to

      fom-request at

I remind you that FOM messages are archived at

Best regards to all,

   -- Steve Simpson
   simpson at
   FOM moderator

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