FOM: Referenced version of "Does mathematics need new axioms?"

Solomon Feferman sf at Csli.Stanford.EDU
Mon Nov 17 14:45:07 EST 1997

Thanks to Steve Simpson, I learned that what had been placed on my ftp
site by my secretary was an earlier version of this article, which, among other
things did not have references.  That has now been replaced by a later
version with references.  I am currently revising that still further,
mostly to make stylistic and explanatory improvements requested by the
publisher and adding a note about KT and EKT as suggested by Friedman and
Simpson.  Otherwise there are no substantive changes to be made.  I will
be happy to send a copy to those who cannot access the ftp site.  I will
also respond soon to the comments by Franzen, Simpson and Shipman about

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