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Jon Barwise barwise at
Sun Nov 16 13:11:18 EST 1997

I hesitate to pollute this list a job announcement, but I can't think of a
better way to reach a lot of people who might know of an approrpriate
person. And Steve can always filter it out if he thinks is is
inappropriate. Please pass the message on to anyone who might be
interested.  -Jon

The Indiana University Department of Philosophy is looking for a visiting
faculty member in logic and logic-related philosophy for 1998-99 to replace
logic faculty on sabbatical.  Financial constraints make a junior level
appointment most likely -- assistant professor or early associate.
Opportunities exist for graduate teaching, graduate mentoring, and the
teaching of analytical reasoning, among other possible responsibilities.
If you are interested in such a position, either full time, or half time to
supplement sabbatical or other support, send a letter of interest, CV, and
two or three references to Jon Barwise by email or at the address below.

Jon Barwise
Professor of Mathematics, Philosophy, and Computer Science

Dept of Philosophy   	URL:
Indiana University 	Phones: (812) 855-2054
Bloomington, IN 	Fax: (812) 855-0046

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