FOM: Re: About my earlier query re: your papers [Franzen]

Torkel Franzen torkel at
Fri Nov 14 01:45:39 EST 1997

  Soloman Feferman's local expert says:

  >He's wrong, they *are* .gz files.  I don't just add that extension to them,
  >it gets added automatically when I zip them.  His Netscape is obviously
  >configured to gunzip any .gz files it downloads so he doesn't even realize
  >they were zipped in the first place!  Not all browsers do this, so some
  >people will have to download the files and then gunzip them manually.

  The local expert is of course quite right, and so my earlier remarks
are relevant only if you find, when clicking on one of the papers, that
a load of junk (that is, postscript code) is read into the browser
window. (A *.ps file is given special treatment by Netscape, but apparently
not if it emerges only through on-the-fly unzipping.)

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