FOM: please use an explicit Subject line

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Wed Nov 12 08:17:19 EST 1997

As FOM moderator, I'm delighted that the FOM list has seen a lot of
high quality messages on a variety of topics.  However, I have a
suggestion which, if implemented, may prove helpful to the many people
who receive and read these messages.

My suggestion is: When you compose a message for fom at,
please use the Subject line in the e-mail header to specify explicitly
the subject of the message.

An example of an informative Subject line:

  FOM: why noncommutative geometry is better than G"odel's theorem

An example of an uninformative Subject line:

  Re: Reply to Davis's reply to Friedman's ReplyToDavis

I am making this suggestion in response to e-mail that I received from
one of you complaining about uninformative subject lines.

Best regards to all,
-- Steve Simpson
FOM moderator

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