FOM: Reply to McCarty JSHIPMAN at
Tue Nov 11 14:33:33 EST 1997

My point was just that research results in f.o.m. a la Godel
could potentially be of interest to more people than results in
ordinary math which require some mathematical education to
appreciate.  Of course f.o.m is a "smaller subject" than
ordinary math so it is no surprise to see more books on
ordinary math on the bestseller list.  By the way, I've read
all six of those books: Aczel and Singh are suspiciously similar
but Singh's book is much better.  Kaku is more physics than math
but contains some excellent mathematical exposition.  Hofstadter
is CompSci not math. Berlinski and Paulos are good but unrelated
to current math research so irrelevant to my point.--Joe Shipman

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