FOM: Re: ReplyToThayer

Michael Thayer mthayer at
Tue Nov 11 10:04:00 EST 1997

I wrote:
>>   If you are not already aware of it, there is a  lot in the experimental
>>literature on what George Miller called "The magic  number 7 +/- 2".  This
>>>evidence supports the conclusion that  "clumping-up" or consolidating
>>things into higher order chunks is a necessary part of human perception
>>and  thought >processes.  Of course there is also the somewhat newer work
>>which  point out how good we are at pattern matching, which may work in a
>>different  way.
Harvey wrote:
>Please note that in your reply, you forgot to mention any ideas, or any
>useful information such as references. Was the e-mail cut off?

To save you a trip to the library (or having to use a search engine), I
found the reference to Miller on-line. The paper was originally published in
The Psychological Review, 1956, vol. 63, pp. 81-97

The paper itself is available online at:


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