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Wed Dec 31 08:31:56 EST 1997

I received this announcement from the program committee chair who suggested
that it be posted on the fom.

                        ASSOCIATION FOR SYMBOLIC LOGIC

   1997--98 WINTER MEETING
   Baltimore Convention Center
   Baltimore, Maryland
   January 9-10, 1998

   Program committee: A. Carbone, M. Detlefsen, Y. Gurevich, A. Kanamori,
   L. Moss, and R. Parikh (Chair)

   All invited lectures and contributed paper sessions will be in (combined)
   Rooms 331 and 332 of  the Baltimore Convention Center.  Registration  for
   the Joint Mathematical  Meetings will be  the Charles Street  Lobby.  All
   ASL meeting participants are urged to register.

   In addition to the ASL talks, there will be an AMS session on History  of
   Mathematical Logic, Wednesday,  January 7, organized  by John W.  Dawson,
   Jr.,  and  another  AMS   session  on  Computable  Mathematics   and  its
   Applications, on January 7-8, organized by Valentina Harizanov.

                              FRIDAY, JANUARY 9

   1:00-1:10 Opening Remarks

   1:10-1:55 Invited Lecture:
      Leonid Libkin, Bell Labs
      First-Order logic, counting, and locality: proving expressivity
      bounds over finite models

   2:05-2:50 Invited Lecture:
      Petr Hajek, Czech Academy of Sciences
      The liar's paradox and fuzzy logic (joint work with J. Paris and

   3:00-3:45 Invited Lecture:
      Dexter Kozen, Cornell University
      Kleene algebra with tests

   3:45-4:10 Break

   4:10-5:45 Contributed Talks:

   4:10-4:30 Douglas Ensley (presenter) and Rami Grossberg
      Ramsey's theorem in finite structures

   4:35-4:55 Su Gao
      Another dichotomy for simple trees

   5:00-5:20 Wendy MacCaull
      Relational tableaux for tree models, language models, and
      information networks

   5:25-5:45 Anthony Bonato
      A Pigeonhole principle for relational structures

   6:00-8:00  Reception in the Frederick/Annapolis room of the Maryland
      suite in the Hyatt Regency Hotel, next door to the Convention

                             SATURDAY, JANUARY 10

   9:00-9:45 Invited Lecture:
      Marcia Groszek, Dartmouth University
      A Solution to Prikry's problem (with Theodore A. Slaman)

   9:55-10:40 Invited Lecture:
      Joel Hamkins, College of Staten Island, CUNY
      How tall is the automorphism tower of a group?

   10:40-11:05 Break

   11:05-11:55 Contributed Talks:

   11:05-11:25 Stephen Harnish
      A Theory of hypersets

   11:30-11:55 Jeff Hirst
      Sorting, spanning, and reverse mathematics

   11:55-2:00 ** Lunch break **

   2:00-2:45 Invited Lecture:
      Isaac Levi Columbia University
      Ramsey revision, recovery, and demands for information

   2:55-3:40 Invited Lecture:
      Juliet Floyd, Boston University
      Wittgenstein on Goedel and mathematics

   3:40-4:05 Break

   4:05-5:10 Contributed Talks:

   4:05-4:25 John Corcoran
      Mathematical induction and specific-case semantic omega

   4:30-4:50 Dennis Cudia
      Existential universal judgments in aristotelian logic

   5:00-5:45 Invited Lecture:
      Harvey Friedman, Ohio State University
      Finite trees and the necessary use of large cardinals

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