FOM: Independent axiomatizations ...

John Case case at
Thu Dec 18 17:00:49 EST 1997

Some fom readership my be interested in 

  @article{       Pou:j:68,
  author =        "Pour-{E}l, M.",
  year =          "1968",
  journal =       "Zeitschrift {f\"ur} Mathematische Logik und Grundlagen der
  pages =         "449--456",
  title =         "Independent Axiomatization and Its Relation to the 
                   Hypersimple Set",
  volume =        "14"}

which contains a surprising characterization re independent recursive
axiomatizations.  I posted this before, but didn't see it appear.  If you've
already seen my posting on this, sorry about the repetition.

(-8 John Case

PS:  I'm getting the digest now and have been too busy to digest it, but will
look later at what (I think) Harvey had to say re indep rec axiomtizations for 
_extensions of PA_. 

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