FOM: my papers and email addresses

Adrian Mathias Barcelona mathias at
Wed Dec 10 10:08:54 EST 1997

My essay "The Ignorance of Bourbaki" is available electronically from

in either .dvi or .ps form; the file is called bourcomp. 

Other essays available from that site are 

terrglob     ("Logic and Terror", 
a description of the situation of logic in Russia under Stalin)

planet  ("Strong statements of analysis", about the 
relevance of large cardinal properties to analysis) 

slim97  ("Slim Models of Zermelo Set Theory", on the inability of 
Zermelo's system to control the existence or otherwise of recursively 
defined objects) 

macla97  ("Notes on Mac Lane set theory"; a discussion of 
many aspects of Mac Lane's weak set theory) 

A. R. D. Mathias

["normally" this year I am in Bogota, accessible as 

amathias at

Other email addresses for me are 

arm996 at

ardm at

ardm at


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