FOM: Too much e-mail? I want more subscribers!

Stephen G Simpson simpson at
Mon Dec 8 23:37:46 EST 1997

(1) Too much e-mail?

  Currently the FOM list is generating 8 to 10 e-mail messages per
  day.  In case you feel that this is too much e-mail, I would like to
  point out that FOM is available in an optional alternative format,
  known as the digest format.  This means that, instead of receiving
  each FOM message as an individual e-mail, you will receive groups of
  messages clumped together in one e-mail, called a digest.  Each
  digest is approximately 40000 bytes.  I estimate that you will
  receive no more than one digest per day.
  It's easy to switch to the digest format.  All you have to do is send
  the following e-mail message to majordomo at
      subscribe fom-digest
      unsubscribe fom
  If you have any questions about this or any other FOM administrative
  matter, please don't hesitate to ask me.

  DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying that the FOM list is cluttered or
  generates too much e-mail.  Indeed, I'm sure that everyone here
  would welcome more FOM postings, so long as they are thoughtful,
  scholarly, and relevant.

(2) I want more subscribers!

  If you know of colleagues or students with a serious professional
  interest in foundations of mathematics, please tell them about the
  FOM list and invite them to subscribe.  You can point out that they
  will be in good company: the FOM subscriber base already includes
  some of the most prominent researchers in this field.  The FOM list
  has already generated a large number of high-quality postings, and I
  can assure you that there is much more to come.

Best regards to all,
-- Steve Simpson
FOM moderator
simpson at

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