FOM: etiquette, summary, policy

Robert S Tragesser RTragesser at
Sun Dec 7 17:09:29 EST 1997

        I hope that it was clear that when I used "blather" in my response
to Steve Simpson that I was
by no means suggesting I thought the discussion to be that,  but ,  on  
the vontrary,  to be pointing toward a fundamental problem about meaning.  
        Indeed, new to FOM,  I'm finding it extraordinarily stimulating and

        Need there be a summary that would prove that it was all
worthwhile?   In any case,  how could someone summing up guess the
stimulating,  if kaleidoscopic, effect a thread might be having? 
        But if Steve Simpson feels that  there is too much spontaneity, 
that too much is being sent that was not sufficiently thought out in
advance,  perhaps the better thing to do (instead of a summary) would be to
offer some guidelines (if only in the form of good examples and bad
                        rbrt tragesser


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