Early versions of the following software packages, developed as part of Distributed Sanctuaries project, are available for download under the GNU General Public License.

·         dRBAC: Distributed Role-Based Access Control is a decentralized trust-management system suitable for expressing and querying access control constraints in dynamic coalition environments.

·         Switchboard is a secure communication abstraction for establishing and monitoring credentialed communication between server and client entitites in the networking. The continuous monitoring aspect distinguishes Switchboard from abstractions such as SSL/TLS.

·         DisCo is a toolkit for securely deploying decomposable services in partly trusted environments. The DisCo distribution includes the dRBAC and Switchboard components listed above.

·         Partitionable Services permits seamless application adaptation to heterogeneous environments by enabling services to be flexibly assembled from multiple components, and facilitating transparent migration and replication of these components at locations closer to the client while still appearing as a single monolithic service.

o        NED (NEtwork Editor) NED can be used to view .alt files generated by the GT-ITM tool. The main two features of NED are: (i) improving the way the graphs look like and (ii) allowing the user to specify link/node properties.