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Packages that use SbClient

Uses of SbClient in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.drbac

Classes in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.drbac that implement SbClient
 class HomeSubscription
          This class monitors the status of a delegation by keeping an open connection to the delegation's home wallet

Uses of SbClient in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.drbac.switchboard

Classes in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.drbac.switchboard that implement SbClient
 class DrbacSbEventHandler

Uses of SbClient in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard

Subinterfaces of SbClient in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard
 interface LifetimeManager
          Generates IncallHandlers for SbRpcStacks and acts as the SbEventHandler.
 interface SbAsyncTransportClient
          A layer which implements this is at the bottom of another layer.
 interface SbEventHandler

Classes in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard that implement SbClient
 class CallbackSbEventHandler
 class SbLayer
 class SbRpcStack
 class SbStreamsStack
 class SimpleSbEventHandler
 class SingletonLifetimeManager
          Implemented using dRBAC trust management infrastructure.

Fields in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard declared as SbClient
protected  SbClient SbLayer.client
          The layer which will write to this layer and which we will deliver to.
private  SbClient CallbackSbEventHandlerFactory.callback
private  SbClient CallbackSbEventHandler.callback

Methods in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard with parameters of type SbClient
 void SbProvider.setClient(SbClient client)
          Defines the behavior how to deliver an Object to the layer above.
 void SbLayer.setClient(SbClient _client)

Constructors in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard with parameters of type SbClient
CallbackSbEventHandlerFactory(SbClient _callback)
CallbackSbEventHandler(SbClient _callback)

Uses of SbClient in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard.authorization

Classes in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard.authorization that implement SbClient
 class SbAuthorizationLayer

Uses of SbClient in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard.cipher

Classes in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard.cipher that implement SbClient
 class SbCipherLayer
          A layer to encrypt objects that pass through it, and provide secure key exchange

Uses of SbClient in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard.clientstreams

Classes in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard.clientstreams that implement SbClient
 class SbClientStreamsLayer

Uses of SbClient in

Classes in that implement SbClient
 class SbIoLayer
 class SbSocketIoLayer

Uses of SbClient in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard.liveness

Classes in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard.liveness that implement SbClient
 class SbLivenessLayer

Uses of SbClient in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard.sbmux

Classes in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard.sbmux that implement SbClient
 class SbMux

Uses of SbClient in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard.sbrpc

Classes in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.switchboard.sbrpc that implement SbClient
 class SbRpcLayer

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