Package edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.drbac

Interface Summary
DelegationCallback A small interface.
ProofChangedListener An interface implemented by anyone who is interested in finding out the status of a proof
WalletSubscriber This interface is implemented by both ProofMonitors and RemDelegMonitors

Class Summary
Attribute Each delegation contains several valued attributes.
attributeNewDialog The class of the dialog box for creation of new Attributes
AttributeSet A convenient storage system for a set of attributes, containing several operators used to accumulate values as paths are traversed
AttributeSets A set of AttributeSets.
ConstrainedRoleSet A set of AttributeSets.
CredentialCert A class to abstract signing and verifying certificates from any one algorithm.
CredFileLoader A utility class that loads a delegation from an XML file
CredFileWriter A utility class that writes a delegation to an XML file
DelegationSet This class contains instances of DelegationWrappers
DelegationWithXML A structure of a Delegation and an XML file.
DelegationWrapper Maintains a subscription to this delegation's home in order to track its validity.
DelegationXML An XML represention of a Delegation
DiscoveryTag An component containing information about the role's home server.
DrbacFrame The class of the GUI window, contains all layout elements and sets up its event listeners
DrbacGui The outer class whos main function instantiates and displays the GUI frame
EntityNewDialog The class of the dialog box for creation of new Entities
ExampleFileFilter A convenience implementation of FileFilter that filters out all files except for those type extensions that it knows about.
HomeSubscription This class monitors the status of a delegation by keeping an open connection to the delegation's home wallet
LocalProver This class contains all of the functionality for proving a subject-object relationship using credentials in the local repository.
Proof A structure containing the delegations needed to prove that a subject gets an object, and the constraints on this proof.
ProofChangedEvent Event signaling a proof's status has changed
ProofMonitor An object that keeps track of the validity of a proof.
ProofMonitorDialog When the Prove button is pressed in the main frame.
RemDelegMonitor All the logic for creating a subscription to a role's home server
RoleId The fundamental entity in the credentials package.
RoleNewDialog The class of the dialog box for creation of new Roles
SearchEngine FORMERLY: DiscoveryEngine
SearchResult The results of a successful search
SearchResultContainer The results of a successful search, as well as the delegations to support it
SearchStatus Global enumerator for possible search status values
SubjectSearchEngine Utlitity class: Used to look up credentials on remote hosts
SubscriptionProtocol Global enumerator for delegation status subscription command codes
Testing This class is essentially a repository for cheats and objects that need to be passed around with a minimum of hassle.
TopologicalSortComparator This class sorts on the order of the subject's sort index.
TwoWaySearchEngine Utlitity class: Used to look up credentials on remote hosts
Wallet The core of dRBAC.
WalletOperator The class which handles all of wallet's server operations

Exception Summary
CredentialException If something goes wrong, this is what lets you know about it;
InvalidFlagArgException Thrown if one attempts to use a DiscoveryTag with invalid search flags
InvalidTTLException Thrown if one attempts to use a DiscoveryTag with an invalid TTL
NoSubscriptionException thrown if the home subscription tries to access a nonexistent subscription

Copyright (c) 2002-2003 New York University RLAB