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Uses of DiscoveryTag in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.drbac

Fields in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.drbac declared as DiscoveryTag
 DiscoveryTag Role.RoleImpl.searchTag

Methods in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.drbac that return DiscoveryTag
 DiscoveryTag Role.searchTag()
private  DiscoveryTag CredFileLoader.makeDiscoveryTag(org.w3c.dom.Node node)
 DiscoveryTag Attribute.searchTag()

Methods in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.drbac with parameters of type DiscoveryTag
protected  int Role.makeRoleImpl(RoleId _roleid, java.lang.String _name, DiscoveryTag _searchTag, boolean _assign)
          Internal: Generates a unique integer for each role

Constructors in edu.nyu.cs.pdsg.drbac with parameters of type DiscoveryTag
RoleMaster(java.lang.String name, keyPair, DiscoveryTag searchTag)
          Standard Initializer
Role(java.lang.String _role, DiscoveryTag _searchTag)
          Human Interface Initializer
Role(RoleId _roleid, java.lang.String _name, DiscoveryTag _searchTag)
          Standard Simple Initializer
Role(RoleId _roleid, java.lang.String _name, DiscoveryTag _searchTag, boolean _assign)
          Standard Initializer
Role.RoleImpl(RoleId _roleid, java.lang.String _name, DiscoveryTag _searchTag, boolean _assign)

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